Tiling Tips

Over the years we've dealt with countless customer queries, and have built up a repertoire of answers that could be considered tricks of the trade. A few are listed here, but if you have any of your own please email them in.

  • Check your purchase as soon as you get it home. It's always easier to sort out a problem immediately rather than weeks later.
  • Tiles are always subject to variation in size and colour; check before starting and mix boxes when fixing. All suppliers have a disclaimer asking you to check that your tiles are acceptable before fixing, as no claim will be entertained thereafter. Of course, if your product is faulty then your statutory rights are not affected, but shade variation is not considered a fault!
  • Order extra tiles to cover for breakage, cutting and future repair. We advise storing them under the bath or kitchen units, wrapped in the Sunday papers (always interesting to read at a later date).
  • Keep your tools clean- don't leave your trowel in the tub for next time, it can turn the adhesive rotten!
  • Wipe adhesive from hands, feet, clothes, tiles, flooring, tools and grout lines immediately, rather than waiting for it to go hard.
  • Always use cold water and a clean bucket when mixing powder adhesives, unless you want it to set too quickly (keep the powder cool and dry).
  • Measure, mark, then measure again, and only THEN cut!
  • Only score a tile once with a sharp wheel or scribe for a successful cut.
  • Don't mark your tiles with a water soluble pen, as the ink can bleed into the cut edge of the tile and then through the grout.
  • Beware of plywood; it can stain wall grouts and can expand and contract in showers, leading to movement problems. As an alternative, consider BakkaBoard.

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