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Comfortzone electric underflor heating warms your home from the floor up creating a comfortable feeling for everybody to enjoy. It's easy to install under most flor finishes, can cost as little as 4p/m2 to and is covered by a 10 Year guarantee.



heat mat


Comfortzone electric underfloor heating mats can be rolled out to cover your floor in minutes. The pre spaced cables are fixed to a high quality mesh and provide a perfectly even spread of heat under your flooring. Our mats are available in a range of sizes to suit most rooms, and can be used to heat your room or to simply take the chill off your newly tiled floor




Comfort Zone also have a variety of thermostats available from a standard system to a 7 day programmable (our most popular) or one for the technically minded their brand new Thermotouch 4.3IC with a 4.3 inch colour touchsecreen. For more information including product guides visit their websitewww.comfortzone.co








Underfloor Heating

Vario ProMat is specifically designed
for use with Vario PRO heating cables
to provide an easy, professional
underfloor heating solution


Uncoupling Technology

Vario ProMat neutralises movement
between the substrate and floor finish
preventing delamination and cracking
commonly associated with tiled floors



Vapour Management

The cavities below Vario ProMat
create space for water evaporation
making it possible to install on
substrates that are not perfectly cured




Vario ProMat is totally waterproof, and
by using Vario PRO sealing tape on
edges and penetrations you can create
a wetroom quickly and easily



Load Distribution

The dimples in Vario ProMat evenly
distribute concentrated floor loads
from the tiles directly onto the floor



Vario PRO is the original patented system that combines electric underfloor heating cables with an uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing membrane. With Vario PRO you can prepare difficult substrates, prevent uncoupling or delamination and install a flexible electric underfloor heating system all in one hit!

Applying a Vario PRO uncoupling membrane combined with electric underfloor heating gives the installer and end user a complete professional flooring solution. The floor will be warm and comfortable, thanks to the electric underfloor heating, and, because of the uncoupling membrane, the installer knows there will be no uncoupling or cracking issues later down the line.

The electric underfloor heating system Vario PRO uses our unique quality TwistedTwin underfloor heating cable that can be installed in the uncoupling membrane to provide gentle warmth in the desired areas. This is an efficient and luxurious way to heat a bathroom or any room with a tiled floor.

Vario PRO is easy to install. Fix the uncoupling membrane to the floor using a flexible tile adhesive and then lay the electric underfloor heating cable into the grooves in the matting until you've covered the desired area. Tiles can then be laid directly over the uncoupling membrane and underfloor heating cable.

Vario PRO can be controlled by any of the thermostats in our range.

Vario PRO brings you all the benefits of an electric underfloor heating system and movement matting, all in one easy to install solution.

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